7th Grade Language Arts

Course Description:

Students in 7th Grade Language Arts will gain an understanding of the overall Language Arts criteria as set forth in the Idaho State Education Standards in the following categories


Every 2-3 weeks, students will receive 10 vocabulary words that students will be responsible to know. There will be a quiz every 2-3 weeks and these test will be cumulative through the semester.


Grammar will be a part of every class period. We will complete a grammar “bellringer” at the beginning of every class, as well as skill builder activities in the textbook, to practice grammar.


We will read a variety of short stories, poems, and the novel The Outsiders in class. Each of these readings will be accompanied by skill building activities.

Additionally, it will be an expectation that all students read outside of class ten minutes a day, or a total of 60 minutes a week. Students will choose a book from the library to take home and read each quarter, along with a sheet to track their reading. These sheets will be checked every Thursday. Parents will be asked to track their students and sign the sheet every week. There will also be a book project each quarter.


We will do a variety of writing throughout the semester including narrative, compare and contrast, and informative/explanatory texts.

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