Instructional Support


Council Elementary School has implemented an after school remediation/enrichment program for students in grades one through sixth from 2:45 to 3:30. Student participation in this programs will be based on teacher referrals. Students will receive support at their instructional level in the areas of math and language.

Title I services are available for those students who struggle in math and/or language arts. These students are serviced by a certified teacher one to five days a week depending on their needs. Participation in the Title I program is based on many factors including, proficiency on benchmark assessments, teacher referral and classroom performance.

We also have an extended-time program for students in kindergarten through third grades who struggle with reading proficiency based on the state mandated IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator) assessment. Students who meet the criteria receive additional support in the area of reading.

There are many supplemental online programs that you and your child can access at home. Some of these include the following links:

Also available online is Khan Academy where your child can
learn or review almost anything -


In the secondary, grades 7-12, we have a system to help students who need one-on-one instruction or extra help. With the four-day week, teachers are available 30 minutes before and 45 minutes after school each day when prior arrangements are made to help those students who are behind or need extra help.

There are a number of computer based programs that can help students concentrate on specific areas of need.

Students also have the ability to take courses using Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA), Payette River Technical Academy (PR2TA), and APEX Learning to complete dual credit, advanced placement, remediation or elective courses that are not offered at Council High School.